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Chrome extension

With Viblo Chrome extension you get Viblo contents easy by 1 click.
See newest feed without web tab.

News feed

Receive your Viblo notifications when have new posts or new notifications in realtime. Keep up the latest article listing from Viblo.

Quick Search

The Quick Search from Address Bar allows you to search for information from Viblo by typing "viblo" in the address bar and then pressing SPACE or TAB to start entering keywords.

Viblo Atom Plugin

Atom is a free IDE - A hackable text editor for the 21st Century.
It's open source and developed by Github.
Now, Viblo is available on Atom.

Let's take a tour of Viblo Atom Plugin!

Viblo atom plugin - Quick install Viblo Atom Plugin

Quick install Viblo Atom Plugin

- Press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P in Atom, type Install packages
- Click on Settings View:Install Packages and Themes.
- Finally, type Viblo and then install it.

Viblo atom plugin - Modify your posts with Atom

Modify and preview your posts

- Write or modify your post with markdown syntax on your computer.
- Preview your contents as Viblo style.
- Publish post from already markdown file to Viblo.

Viblo atom plugin - Manage your gallery

Manage your gallery

Upload your images from Atom to Viblo,
or delete your uploaded images.

Viblo atom plugin - Get your posts

Get your posts

Viblo atom plugin - Get your Drafts

See your drafts